Smart Strategies


Open Trainings

SMART STRATEGIES offers trainings for all of you who trust our skills and methods to train and upgrade your competences. We introduce a new approach to training - creating a "Mastermind group". Members of the group may be managers and experts who create peer network to maintain the productivity of each company and support the initiatives of each participant. This form is for those of you who want to achieve personal or professional goals quickly and be part of a group that knows in details the challenge to survive through business.

The schedule of open trainings you can follow from the Training catalogue.


Internal Trainings

Our innovative training strategies are tailor-made to meet your specific business needs and organizational objectives. After careful evaluation of your training needs, we help your company to achieve high professional competence, good communication, group compatibility and management. Our courses include standard key training modules to develop skills and abilities for effective communication, planning, discussing and preparing advance arguments, moderation of group processes and target presentation, customer service, sales, management, leadership and more.

What makes us different is that we offer new creative strategies through attractive methods of training and team buildings with prominent professional trainers and coaches for: