Smart Strategies

Organizational diagnostics and consulting

To enhance organizational effectiveness and well-being we propose you using the SMART (Stable Management for Achieving Results in Teamwork) method. It consists of many innovative ideas and services for diagnostics and improvement of the organizational practices.



SMART System (System for Maintenance, Assessment and Recruitment for Teamwork)

The SMART System offers innovative strategies for maintaining or improving the management of human resources and career development through an integrated approach that combines various methods of research, evaluation, recruitment and retention of key employees.

For better recruitment and career development solutions we use highly professional methods, adapted and standardized for Bulgaria. SMART system includes additional services such as:

Management through Emotional Intelligence

Growing demands of the business environment and market insist on increasing ability and relevant leaders and managers' personal traits.

If you want leaders who can manage in dynamic challenges, foster innovation, and build organizations where people develop their competences - we suggest that you use management system through Emotional intelligence. Studies show that Management through Emotional Intelligence improves leadership effectiveness, retains key employees, motivates personnel, enhances productivity and fosters organizational climate. An innovative approach to managing the organization through emotional intelligence will allow you to: